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Finally, Things Get Rocking at Our Most Extensive Flip

img_1944By the time I got to our latest flip house today, the roof was nearly gone and another Dumpster was nearly full. It was a beautiful sight. I wanted to stand in the front yard and applaud Andy Meyers and his two sons.

Andy is our general contractor on this project and he’s got his hands full.

Tomorrow, they are starting to rebuild the roof and dig the foundation for the family room addition. The transformation of this house will be rapid.

Beautiful, just beautiful.
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A New House Flipping Adventure Begins

Jefé and I are off on another adventure.

Frankly, it’s about time.

We’ve been spinning our wheels for the past couple of months trying to sell two houses. One was a long-time rental that caused us some heartburn because it needed a lot of work to get into selling condition. The other, which is in contract and scheduled to close soon, is a great house, but we just had trouble getting it sold. That happens sometimes
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