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A Tip For Working With Drywall

IMG_0149Here’s a little tip on working with drywall.


It’s like brain surgery and rocket science; it should be left to the professionals.

Yesterday, we had more than 200 sheets of drywall – most of it 4×12-foot sheets – delivered from Menards for our current house. It cost us about $50 dollars to have it delivered. It was the best money we’ve spent on this project.
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Our Tips For Digging Foundation At Your Flip

img_1965By this time of the year, Jefé and I had hoped to be much further along on our current project. Our goal was to be under roof by the time the snow starting flying.

As you can see by some of the photos, not only are we not under roof, we don’t even have a roof.
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Some Neighbors Bring You Lemonade; Some Neighbors Bring You Aggravation

When you flip a house, you will most likely have one of two types of neighbors. One will see the value in your work. They will understand that a rising tide raises

One will see the value in your work. They will understand that a rising tide raises all ships. In other words, as you increase the value of your flip property, the value of their property increases. Everybody wins. These neighbors will bring you lemonade and cookies and gush over your work.

And then . . .

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Lawn Care Professionals Can Free Up Your Time to Focus on the Flip

Jefe and I are do-it- yourselfers. In our early flips, we did everything on the houses.

However, as we have more houses in the pipeline, we farm out more of the work. It’s not a
question of whether we want to do the work; it’s all about time management. Having good
contractors helps us get the houses on the market faster.

One area where a good contractor can help is lawn maintenance. Curb appeal is critical is the
sale of a house. According to statistics from the National Association of Realtors, 50 percent of
all potential home buyers make the decision not to buy a house before going inside.

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When You’re a House Flipper, Stick to Your Knitting

My grandmother was a daisy. When I was getting picked on in elementary school, she
encouraged me to end the problem by planting a brick in the face of my tormentors, yet she fed
every bum who knocked on her door looking for a handout. She butchered her first chicken when
she was six-years old, nursed every major wound received by her adventurous grandson, and
could recite Shakespeare.

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Curb Appeal is Critical When Selling a Flip House

If you are a regular follower of Fliposaurus.com, you know that we are big advocates of making sure your place has excellent curb appeal. Most buyers make a decision whether to buy a house before they ever walk inside, so curb appeal is critical.
Here are some before-and-after photos of a house we recently flipped. When we purchased the house, which was painted aqua, it was barely visible from the street because of three large trees. We removed the trees and then began work on the house.
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Don’t Go Into House Flipping Without a Partner Like Jefe

JefePhoto (1)The ice machine in my refrigerator quit working. I had Jefe take a look, and he
said, “Oh, that’s the wansomjigit clamp on your fanulesprocket pump.”

Or, at least that’s the way I heard it. I said, “Really. How do you know?”

He laughed and said, “Well, what else could it be?”

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Bedroom Vanities, Sinks Can Relieve Morning Congestion

Modern families want spacious master bathrooms with a double vanity so both working parents can get ready at the same time.

However, older bathrooms were often smaller and not constructed to accommodate a double vanity. This can be a deal killer for families with two working parents.

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Clean Your Flipping House! (Don’t Make Me Call Your Mother)

Clean your house!

I don’t like sounding like your mother, but keeping your flip cleaned up will make the process much smoother, especially if you’re the one doing the work. Remember when you were a kid and your mother would send you off to clean your bedroom, which looked like a landfill? I remember. Vividly. And, as I recall, I stood in the middle of the room and turned around in circles because I didn’t know where to start.

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