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Time to Rock

Nothing ever progresses as quickly as you would like. It’s a given. Either the weather doesn’t cooperate or you find problems that you hadn’t anticipated.

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How Far Do You Take the Renovation?

Jefe and I were faced with a dilemma on this flip in that it had the absolute best kitchen and bathrooms of any house we had ever purchased. Most of the houses we buy need complete kitchen and bathroom renovations.

So, why the dilemma?

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We Love Our Crew

Jefe and I took a day last week to work on the new house. It was a great reminder of how valuable our crew is to the operation.

Here was our day.

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The Exterior

We were fortunate to get a couple of nice days in early January to work outside. Trees and shrubs had grown out of control and were hiding a beautiful house.

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Getting Started

The first thing we do for every flip is get a Dumpster delivered. It’s always our best investment. There is something invigorating about seeing all the junk leave the house – old carpeting, wallpaper and the tons of material we generate when gutting kitchens and bathrooms.

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The Auction

We always show up early for auctions. It gives us a chance to go through the house one more time and confirm our plan. But, we also like to scope out the competition and see who we’re going to be bidding against.

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Finding the House

Jefe and I recently bought a new flip house at auction. We thought it would be of interest to take you step-by-step through the process, from finding the house to final sale.

Here goes!

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