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Good Flips Still Are Out There; But You Have To Look Harder

There was an article in the Dec. 8 edition of the Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch by reporter Jim Welker about how rising housing prices contributed to a decline in flips during the third quarter.

According to the article, there were 45,718 houses flipped in the United States during the months of July, August, and September. This was down about 1 percent from the second quarter. Mr. Welker obtained his data from Attom Data Solutions, which is the parent company of RealtyTrac.
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Wannabe Flipper’s First House Remains Elusive in Seller’s Market

Dear Fliposaurus:

I am a regular reader of your blog and want to get into the house flipping business. I have saved a little over $30,000 for my first project. However, I am having a miserable time finding a good flip house. The prices seem way too high and I’m worried that I don’t have much profit margin.

Can you give me some advice on how to find a good house?

Kevin C.

Columbus, Ohio
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Finding the House

Jefe and I recently bought a new flip house at auction. We thought it would be of interest to take you step-by-step through the process, from finding the house to final sale.

Here goes!

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Fliposaurus Q&A: Car Talk


You can submit questions through our website at www.Fliposaurus.com. Here’s one that came in the other day.

Dear Fliposaurus:

What is the proper sparkplug and point gapping for a 1953 Hudson Jet?

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