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Lawn Care Professionals Can Free Up Your Time to Focus on the Flip

Jefe and I are do-it- yourselfers. In our early flips, we did everything on the houses.

However, as we have more houses in the pipeline, we farm out more of the work. It’s not a
question of whether we want to do the work; it’s all about time management. Having good
contractors helps us get the houses on the market faster.

One area where a good contractor can help is lawn maintenance. Curb appeal is critical is the
sale of a house. According to statistics from the National Association of Realtors, 50 percent of
all potential home buyers make the decision not to buy a house before going inside.

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Don’t Pay for Replacement Windows When You Can Buy a Pair of Arch Supports

Dear Fliposaurus:

I wanted to get started on flipping and was looking at a house that I thought had potential. I brought in some contractors to have a look. A lot of the windows where fogged up and the window guy said I needed all new windows, and it was going to cost me about $8,000. That about kills my margin. How do the Fliposaurus boys deal with old windows? Is there a cheaper alternative?

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Ames Shovels, Hand Tools Have Helped Build America

Here at Fliposaurus.com, we are big fans of The Ames Companies of Camp Hill, Pa., which has been building quality garden tools in the United States of America since 1774.

Now, as most of you should know if you were paying attention in history class, that was before there was a United States of America – back in the days before we declared our independence and when my partner Jefe was just a toddler.


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