Fiskars’ Tree Pruner Earns Another Fliposaurus Gold Seal of Excellence

Our friends at Fiskars have done it again.

Congratulations to Fiskars as they have become the only company to win two Fliposaurus Gold Seal of Excellence awards.

A while back, Fliposaurus awarded Fiskars its first Gold Seal for its Extendable Power-Level Lopper.

This time, we are presenting Fiskars with a Fliposaurus Gold Seal of Excellence for its 16-foot, chain-driven, extendable pole saw and tree pruner. This is a great tool and well deserving of the award.

Jefé and I understand the importance of landscaping. Many would-be home buyers decide not to buy a house before ever walking through the front door. Appearance counts. We do a lot of work to make sure a potential buyer’s first impression is a good one.IMG_0373

The Fiskars’ tree pruner makes creating that first impression a lot easier, and it saves us money as we are able to do a lot of the tree trimming ourselves.

The tree pruner has a double-locking system, which prevents the pole from coming unlocked during use, and its oval design reduces flexing during use. The titanium-coated cutting blade is chain-driven, and cuts up to three times easier than similar products. I can verify this. After trimming trees at a recent flip, I was astonished at how little tension I needed to put on the cord to clip through limbs.

The 15-inch saw blade, which can be used on larger limbs, has a hooked end that helps keeps the blade on the limb.

The pruner sells for about $80 and comes with a full lifetime warranty.

Congratulation to Fiskars on another great product!

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