A Tip For Working With Drywall

IMG_0149Here’s a little tip on working with drywall.


It’s like brain surgery and rocket science; it should be left to the professionals.

Yesterday, we had more than 200 sheets of drywall – most of it 4×12-foot sheets – delivered from Menards for our current house. It cost us about $50 dollars to have it delivered. It was the best money we’ve spent on this project.

In the past, Jefé and I would hook up the trailer and go pick up a load of drywall to haul to the jobs. Here’s something else you should know about drywall – it’s heavy as bajeezus. By the time we loaded it up in the store and hauled it to the parking lot, loaded it onto the trailer and into the back of the pickup truck, delivered it to the project and unloaded it again, it would be several hours and our butts were always dragging.

Yesterday, four guys showed up from Menards and stacked that drywall in about four minutes. That’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but it was quick, and I didn’t have to do it and listen to Jefé say, “We’re too old for this!” or, “I don’t know why I let you talk me into this.”

Here’s another point. Hanging drywall is a young man’s game. I hate it. Our drywall guy is Mario – Mario the Magnificent, we call him, but not to his face because we don’t want him getting a big head and jack up his prices. Mario’s crew comes in and that place looks like an ant hill. Seriously, you have to get out of the way or you’ll get trampled. Mario can have a house drywalled, taped and mudded in record time.

It’s money well spent. Remember, while you’re fiddling around trying to hang drywall, you’re racking up carrying charges, such as insurance, taxes, utilities, etc.

We feel the same way about installing insulation, particularly for a whole-house job. They can install the insulation – professionally – for about what pay for the insulation.

We all want to save money, and every dime you save goes in your pocket, but you also need to work smart. When it’s a big drywall or insulation job, leave it to the professionals.

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