Meet the boys – Manny & Josè

There is nothing like a reliable crew to make a flip go smoothly. We have some of the best workers around.

Here are two of them – José and Manny.

Manny says he is the good-looking one, but in case you can’t tell he’s the one on the left.

José and Manny have been working for us for about five years. We were introduced to the boys by our dry waller, Mario.

They did some work for us on a small flip. Jefé and I were getting ready to start on a house that had been severely damaged in a fire. We asked them if they knew anyone who would do clean-up work.

Manny looked insulted that we didn’t ask them. He said, “We like work. We’ll do it.”

“It’s a really dirty job,” I said.

“We like work,” he repeated.

We said okay. They showed up at the house the next morning with two other workers. They looked around and said, “Okay, we’ll be back.” They went and bought gloves and face masks – this place was a disaster – and dug in. By noon, they had filled a 30-yard Dumpster.

“You couldn’t have filled that already,” I said.

“It’s filled,” José said.IMG_2011

I drove over to inspect. It was filled.

These guys can work.

I took this photo of them after they had cleaned up the yard at the new project. They do great work. We’re happy to have them on the team.

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