Freshening the Exterior Gives Ranch a Modern Look

Jefe and I had a tired-looking ranch before we did a major makeover on the exterior.
Here’s the back story. This was the first house Jefe and I bought together.

We’ve owned it about 10 years.

It is located in a very nice suburb, but on a busy street. Because of its location on the busy thoroughfare, we decided not to sell it, hoping that the property would eventually be zoned commercial and the property value would increase considerably. Thus, we rented it all this time, waiting – hoping – for a change in zoning.

It never came. After a recent meeting with the city planning department, it became evident to us that it would remain residential, so we decided it was time to sell.
This relates to a recent blog about sticking to your knitting. We want to fix and flip, not rent. We should have sold this house 10 years ago and moved on. We didn’t. We became landlords and in the interim we replaced a well, furnace, hot water heater, carpeting, etc. We also went through the entire interior again – paint, carpet, new stove, hardware . . . and on, and on – to get it ready to sell.

Okay, enough carping about that. I’ve made my point. If you’re going to flip a house, flip it and move on.

Now, back to the original theme of this blog: The exterior.

The renters had allowed the beds to overgrow and the exterior was tired. The brick was dark and multi-colored; the shutters were an out-of-date maroon. (The previous owners had converted the garage into a master bedroom and bath. There wasn’t much we could do to change that look without incurring major expenses. The problem with converting a garage into living space is that it is very difficult to disguise that fact that used to be a garage, particularly when the driveway leads to it.)


We painted the old brick – chimney included – a light tan and painted the shutters a chocolate brown. The mint door adds some color that improves the curb appeal. (We have used this color scheme on several flips and it has been well received.) With new landscaping, mulch and sealed driveway, the house has a fresh look. We are now ready to put it on the market.



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