Make Sure Your Flip Has Some Exterior Zip

Your flip has got to stand out when your prospective buyers pull up in front of the house.

A National Association of Realtors study found 50 percent of all potential home buyers make their decision not to buy a house before going inside.

Curb appeal is extremely important.

Here are some photos of a recent flip in which, without spending a fortune, we were able to make some pretty dramatic changes in the appearance of the house.

When it was purchased, it had battered garage doors that didn’t work, soffit and fascia damaged by squirrels and birds, a beat up front door, and damaged trim. In short, it was a mess.


IMG_1273 (1)

In the photos taken before the work began, you will see that we removed one of the garage doors and blocked off the opening with drywall. (We did this to get access to the Dumpster.) The weeds that surrounded the porch have been cut back. Notice the plastic shutters and the Plain Jane porch. There was moss growing on the siding, which hadn’t been cleaned since the Eisenhower administration. The asphalt driveway had weeds growing up through the cracks and hadn’t been resurfaced in years.

The door was dinged up, but salvageable. We used metal filler to even out the pit marks and sanded it smooth. This saved several hundred dollars.

In this photo, you’ll see that we’ve power washed the vinyl siding, removed the old shutters and started trimming out the four-by-four posts with cedar.

Here’s the finished product. The changes include:

➢ New garage doors.
➢ Repaired and painted trim.
➢ Replaced the plastic shutters with handmade, cedar shutters painted a dark gray.
➢ Patched and painted the door a dark red.
➢ New hardware on the door.
➢ Added a new porch light and numbers.
➢ Trimmed the post in cedar and painted the inlays the same shade as the shutters.
➢ Edged the beds, added mulch, flowers and pumpkins.
➢ Coated the asphalt driveway.
➢ The Fliposaurus Senior Foo-Foo Committee added the front door wreath.

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