10 Inexpensive Touches That Help Sell a Flip

1) Paint. If you do the work yourself, you generally will have a couple hundred dollars in paint and a few days labor.

2) New outlets, switches and covers. You can buy an outlet and cover for less than a buck. Switches and covers are even cheaper. This adds to the look of a freshly painted room.

3) New faucets. You don’t have to spend a fortune on high-end fixtures, but simply replacing them with new, clean faucets will help brighten up a bathroom or kitchen.

4) Light fixtures. Again, you don’t have to spend a fortune. In most houses we buy the light fixtures are badly out of style. You can buy a contractor pack of light fixtures and save more money.

5) Buy a new mailbox and numerals for the front of the house. Small cost, good look.

6) Backsplash in the kitchen. I’m surprised how many houses we buy that don’t have a backsplash. A subway tile backsplash can usually be installed for a hundred dollars in materials, plus labor. It gives the kitchen a clean, finished look.

7) New cabinet hardware. Even if you don’t swap out the hinges, buy new knobs and pulls for your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. It’s not hard to find knobs for less than a buck, and pulls for less than $2.

8) A modern, digital thermostat is a nice added touch. Do most buyers see that? No. However, they will notice the old dial thermostat that’s got paint splattered all over it.

9) New door hardware – interior and exterior. Nothing dates a house like brass door knobs and hinges. We like to swap out the old knobs with brushed nickel levers. The same rule applies for your front door. Generally, this can be done for a couple hundred dollars.

10) A new, wireless doorbell is another nice touch. Like the thermostat, the buyers are unlikely to notice that it’s new. However, they will notice the cruddy one that’s been on the front of the house since the Truman administration.


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