Don’t Pay for Replacement Windows When You Can Buy a Pair of Arch Supports

Dear Fliposaurus:

I wanted to get started on flipping and was looking at a house that I thought had potential. I brought in some contractors to have a look. A lot of the windows where fogged up and the window guy said I needed all new windows, and it was going to cost me about $8,000. That about kills my margin. How do the Fliposaurus boys deal with old windows? Is there a cheaper alternative?


Racine, Wisconsin


Dear Del:

A while back, I went to see an orthopedist because my hip was hurting. He took some X-rays, nodded gravely at the processed images, and said my pain was the result of a congenital issue and the only solution was hip replacement surgery. Given my fear of all things surgical, I wanted to run screaming from his office. I wanted to, but my hip hurt so damn bad that I just kind of limped out the door and muttered a little to myself.

A couple weeks later, I mentioned my hip pain to my chiropractor. He put me on a tread mill and watched me walk for a minute, then did some measuring and said my hip hurt because one leg was a tad shorter than the other, and I was out of kilter. He made me a pair of arch supports and my hip quit hurting IMMEDIATELY. As you probably realize, arch supports are much cheaper and require much less recovery time than hip replacement surgery.

Now, I know I was trying to make a point, here.

Oh, yeah, if you go to a surgeon, he’s going to want to fix the problem by operating on you. If you ask a window salesman if you need new windows – Hello? Hello? Anybody Home? Think, McFly, think – he’s going to try to sell you new windows when all you need are arch supports.

From what you are telling me, I’m guessing the house already had replacement windows, and most likely you just had some broken seals. When the seals break, moisture gets between the panes and they fog up. We have a terrific glass guy – Bill Koch at All American Glass Service in Lancaster, Ohio. Bill comes to the house, measures, then installs the replacement panes. He doesn’t try to sell us things we don’t need, like all new windows. He’s also a former U.S. Marine, and we like that.

Your window man is another reason why flippers should put together a team of subcontractors they can trust. Once you establish reliable subcontractors, life will get a little easier.

For more information about All American Glass Service, visit their website: http://www.allamericanglassservice.com/

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